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THE Fabulous Putra Jaya

PutraJaya is termed as the federal capital of Malaysia. It has various administrative offices along with historic buildings. I prefer Putra Jaya in terms of its magnificent botanical garden and fabulous hotels. I have been to Kuala Lumpur before but I wanted to travel to Putra Jaya in Malaysia. It is said to be a planned city in terms of construction of building, parks and mosques. I booked my flight ticket online and reserved my hotel and transportation resources.


My flight from Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India was scheduled to land in Kuala Lumpur at 10 AM in the morning. As planned, on the day of my journey, I went to the international airport in Ahmadabad. The services available in the airport were great as it was renovated recently.



I checked in my luggage with the respective airline counter and went straight to the boarding gate. I saw that all the passengers were waiting for their boarding call. I asked the airline staff about the timing for takeoff. She assured me that it would take more than 20 minutes. In the mean time, I quickly bought a magazine and started reading it.



The journey to Kuala Lumpur was smooth as there were no huddles in between. Upon reaching Kuala Lumpur, I opted for a rental car where previously I order car rentals in Malaysia and drove it straight to Putra Jaya. It is known famously for its Putra Mosque along with Millennium Monument. I planned to tour both of them. Since, I wasn’t tired from air travel so I decided to visit the Millennium Monument first.


I was astonished to see the archeological marvel of the monument as the monument has a pillar with a height of 68 meters. There were several visitors in the walkway as it is quite tall. The shape of the monument is extraordinary as it is shaped in form of hibiscus. It really felt great.