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City State Holidays in Singapore

It was in the month of May, 2015 that I decided to take a break from the din and bustle of the daily, monotonous life. A trip was on the cards and I decided to fly to the heavily urbanised, microcosm of Asia, Singapore.

A small city-state comprising mainly of islands, Singapore was absolutely a breath of fresh air for me. Being one of the greatest commercial hubs, Singapore was heavily crowded of course!

The blend of people:

This city-state seemed to me an amalgamation of various cultures and people. The place was filled with Chinese, Indians, and Malays. Lying one degree north of the Equator, the climate was soothing as it was characterized by uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and adequate rains.

I had been informed before that Singapore is the gateway to the ASEAN countries; hence I had already booked my ferry tickets, for the famous Trans ASEAN ferry rides from Singapore. The ferries were available from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore.  And, they took me to various places in Indonesia and Malaysia like Johor and Bintan Islands. The ferry ride was very cheap in comparison to the quality of their services.

Zooming back to Singapore, on the very first day of my tour I visited the Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Flyer. And some of them most memorable moments… one of them is getting car rentals in kl via Internet.

The Singapore Flyer was a giant wheel and is a must see for everyone planning to visit Singapore. The next destination was a giant and gorgeous Buddhist temple known as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. As I took a stroll around this gigantic place, I came across the rooftop garden. It was such a pretty sight! So many colorful flowers dancing in the wind! I clicked so many pictures just to capture the flowers’ beauty.

Exploring the nearby areas:

On the second day I visited The Marina Bay Sands Skypark, last week I was in Sandakan.  It was an incredible sight and maybe safely called one of the best sights in the world. The Kranji War Memorial, being my next destination, was equally marvellous. A perfect and stunning tribute to the warriors, I must say. The next place was an enormous activity rather than sight-seeing. It was the Southern Ridges. More than the very tourist spot, the picturesque sceneries were breathtaking.


Another important thing that needs to be added is that Singaporean food is superbly delicious. I ate to my fill in those two days. Finally, when I had enough of Singapore, I decided to take the ferry ride to Malaysia to explore more of the world. I went from Singapore to Johor.

Singapore is definitely the perfect choice for anybody who is looking forward to a mental relaxation amidst mouth-watering foods and magnificent sights. This trip was short yet it left me wanting more and while I headed back towards my home, I vowed to visit this place again and for a more number of days.