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Bus services from Ipoh to Hat Yai

Ipoh is capital of Perak. It is historically known for its tin mining industry. It owns many destinations of interests for tourists round the globe. You can never fall short of food once you are at Ipoh. Ipoh is popular for its white coffee. It is a best gateway to hang out with friends and family.

hatyai ipoh

Hat Yai is a largest city of Songkhla and is best known for its shopping centers for locals and tourists. Hat Yai possess a huge variety of foodstuffs; ranging from seafood from China to chocolates and cookies from Malaysia. The markets here play an enormous role in city’s economy.

Express bus coaches and buses ply routes between Ipoh Amanjaya, bus station at Ipoh to Hat Yai, Thailand. It takes around 5 hours and 37 minutes to reach Hat Yai. You can also book bus from Ipoh to Hatyai online now!

There is only one bus coach that carries its passengers from Ipoh to Hat Yai.

Sri Maju group is a reputed bus coach which has delivered 20 years of efficient services to the travelers which journeys once in a day at 12.15 in the noon. The fare for an adult and a child is MYR50 each.

For the return trip to Ipoh, two coaches are available that runs every day on three different timings.

Thai Good travel & tour is one of the well-know bus companies whose bus initiates its journey at 9.15 in the morning and 13.00 in the noon while at 18.15 in evening from Hat Yai. The fares are at very reasonable price. They charge MYR55 for the trips at 9.15 and at 18.15 while at 13.00 its fare is MYR75 for an adult and child each.
Trans MVS Express is another renowned express coach company which provides best services to its passengers and starts its journey back to Ipoh at 10.00 in the morning and 19.00 in evening. It costs MYR55 for an adult and child each.

It is quite tedious job for you to get down at the bus stations and stand in long queues and wait for your turn to get bus tickets. is a major platform which provides facilities to the tour lovers to book their bus seats well in advance and make their bus trips unforgettable from wellknown bus companies like Transnasional, WTS Travel, Konsortium, Causeway Link, CS Travel & Delima. Moreover, it is accessible just at one click for 24/7 to make reservations. Grab your ticket at discounted rates.

Travel is the only thing that makes you richer.

Ferry Guide from the Mersing Jetty

This trip was an impromptu vacation with my family. The trip was an opportunity to avoid the unhealthy, stressful, and hectic life in the city. Just a few miles from Singapore is a beautiful and blissful island heaven called Pulau Tioman. We used the Bluewater ferry to Tioman Island.


You can purchase a ticket for the ferry from the Mersing Jetty. It costs about $8.60 for adults and $7 for kids. Furthermore, you can buy it online. However, you should note that the times for the ferry tend to change. This is due to changes in the tide, so if you purchase a ticket for 8 AM do not be surprised that the ferry arrives at 3 PM. Essentially, the timing on online stores is not accurate. It is better to confirm ferry schedules when you arrive in Tioman since they have updated information.


We chose to purchase the tickets at the jetty. This was during the monsoon period, so it was a risky trip. During this time, only a single ferry will be available per day. The season begins from late October and continues to February. On normal weather, you can find an early morning and late night ferry. Cancellations are also common due to the unpredictability of the weather. You should be ready to find the necessary accommodation in case the ferry fails, and you will not be refunded.

Day 1

HHBM63T9HPMDJ8RQBANN6On arrival to Mersing at 11 PM, we purchased the tickets. The arrival time was at 2 PM, so we decided to find a place to eat and rest. We decided to go to the jetty early to enjoy the town. On our way, we came across a KFC outlet. I must say we awed, and were delighted that it did not have any crowds and the free Wi-Fi provided was quite fast. There were several provision shops along the way, and we purchased some snacks and drinks for the trip. You should buy provisions from these stores as they are cheaper and have more choices. Finally, we made our way towards the jetty. We took our boarding passes and paid the conservation fee of about $3.8. The ferry arrived at 3 PM.
The Tioman Island has six beaches where you can alight.

These include; Tekek beach, Genting beach, Juara, Paya, Salang, and Air Batang (ABC). We visited five beaches in our one-week stay on the island. Juara is the main beach, but you can go to Paya if you have a higher budget. We did not go there as we wanted to visit mudhaha, the island’s famous beach.

We had planned to alight at Tekek and then walk to Juara. However, this was not possible as it was late in the evening, and the trek could be dangerous. Instead, we alighted at Air Batang and were accommodated at the bamboo hill chalet. The next morning, we took the 1-mile walk to Tekek and finally the 4-mile jungle track to Juara. Juara is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island, and the risk was worth it.

We paid $23 per night. However, if you are staying for just a single night, then you will have to pay an additional $2 as a surcharge. The rooms are simple, and they offer a unique experience of the Malaysian style and culture.
Pulau Tioman has many attract beaches that would be a delight to tour. The accommodations are also cheap, and you can enjoy nature through jungle treks.

Langkawi Holiday With Leasing a Car

Are you feeling tired of the highs and lows associated with your life? Are you feeling worn out in pursuit of materialistic acquisitions due to the fast pace of life? If the answer is yes, then you need to go through some diversions. In other words, you need to have a visit to a god place to refresh your mind.

Holiday in Langkawi – Reenergizing Mind and Body

A wide number of holiday spots are available nowadays. But among all, planning a holiday in Langkawi will definitely reenergize your mind and body alike, things even perfect with langkawi car rental. Langkawi is mainly known to be a group of beautiful islands which lie nearby the north western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Among all, the island of Pulau Langkawi has been considered to be the best and highly recognized.

It has been known to be highly blessed with an intriguing heritage of legends as well as myths. Some of the surprises that each and every tourist may expect include:

  • Tales of ogres
  • Tales of warrior and fairy princess
  • Mystical Gigantic birds and many more.

Why Langkawi Island is Popular?

No doubt remains about the fact that the Langkawi Island in Malaysia is highly popular for its sandy white and unspoiled beaches along with an exotic collection of tropical islands. The age old forests are the homes of some interesting animals which include lizard, hornbill and peacock. The huge diversity of flora and fauna is also among the major attractions.

This place in Malaysia has been converted into a renowned destination for those people seeking peace and tranquility.

Planning a holiday in Langkawi can be expected to be a fruitful one due to excessive development in the field of hospitality and tourism. The Government has taken due initiative to enhance the overall tourist infrastructure in terms of:

  • Superior accommodation
  • Better amenities
  • Tourist friendly environment

Trip to Langkawi – Providing a Memorable Experience


The experience of settling down and playing on the lap of nature mother will definitely be a memorable experience. You can also enjoy resting on the rocks nearby a pristine beach while your beloved will be enjoying the scenic beauty of crystal water. In order to pamper and reenergize yourself you may approach the eminent spa centers where you can easily get rid of the prevailing tiredness hence enjoying the vacation.

World Class Facilities for Tourists along with Safe Accommodation


Need not worry about accommodation as there are several hotels and resorts providing high quality service at justified price rate! A wide range of services are offered in order to cater the demands of all travelers. Hence, no need to worry regarding your trip to take the turn of a futile. Some of the world class facilities for the tourists include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Swimming pool
  • Bathroom incorporated with Jacuzzi bath
  • Shower room
  • Lounge with fireplace and television etc.
  • Wi-Fi enabled rooms

City State Holidays in Singapore

It was in the month of May, 2015 that I decided to take a break from the din and bustle of the daily, monotonous life. A trip was on the cards and I decided to fly to the heavily urbanised, microcosm of Asia, Singapore.

A small city-state comprising mainly of islands, Singapore was absolutely a breath of fresh air for me. Being one of the greatest commercial hubs, Singapore was heavily crowded of course!

The blend of people:

This city-state seemed to me an amalgamation of various cultures and people. The place was filled with Chinese, Indians, and Malays. Lying one degree north of the Equator, the climate was soothing as it was characterized by uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and adequate rains.

I had been informed before that Singapore is the gateway to the ASEAN countries; hence I had already booked my ferry tickets, for the famous Trans ASEAN ferry rides from Singapore. The ferries were available from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore.  And, they took me to various places in Indonesia and Malaysia like Johor and Bintan Islands. The ferry ride was very cheap in comparison to the quality of their services.

Zooming back to Singapore, on the very first day of my tour I visited the Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Flyer. And some of them most memorable moments… one of them is getting car rentals in kl via Internet.

The Singapore Flyer was a giant wheel and is a must see for everyone planning to visit Singapore. The next destination was a giant and gorgeous Buddhist temple known as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. As I took a stroll around this gigantic place, I came across the rooftop garden. It was such a pretty sight! So many colorful flowers dancing in the wind! I clicked so many pictures just to capture the flowers’ beauty.

Exploring the nearby areas:

On the second day I visited The Marina Bay Sands Skypark, last week I was in Sandakan.  It was an incredible sight and maybe safely called one of the best sights in the world. The Kranji War Memorial, being my next destination, was equally marvellous. A perfect and stunning tribute to the warriors, I must say. The next place was an enormous activity rather than sight-seeing. It was the Southern Ridges. More than the very tourist spot, the picturesque sceneries were breathtaking.


Another important thing that needs to be added is that Singaporean food is superbly delicious. I ate to my fill in those two days. Finally, when I had enough of Singapore, I decided to take the ferry ride to Malaysia to explore more of the world. I went from Singapore to Johor.

Singapore is definitely the perfect choice for anybody who is looking forward to a mental relaxation amidst mouth-watering foods and magnificent sights. This trip was short yet it left me wanting more and while I headed back towards my home, I vowed to visit this place again and for a more number of days.

CRUISING in Sandakan

Sandakan is a great place to visit and spend memorable vacation. I still remember my trip to Sandakan from Beijing, China. The trip was accompanied by my whole family consisting of brother, sister, grandpa, grandma & my parents. It was really wonderful as we flew directly from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur and from Kuala Lumpur to Sandakan Airport. The airport was brightly lit as we could see its natural beauty merging with the sea all around it.


The sight from the airplane was really promising as we click several pictures inside the airplane posing with my grandpa and parents. My brother was enjoying himself by cherishing on delectable food while my sister was busy reading fashion magazines. While my parents were discussing issues among themselves and grandpa was enjoying the view outside the airplane. After spending couple of hours inside the airplane, we landed safely in Sandakan. Sandakan is known for its natural habitat situated in Sabah, Borneo. It is also known as the gateway to Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary.


After spending couple of minutes inside the airport, we booked a rental van online. The van had spacious seating capacity with air con and music. I played my favorites through usb stick drive while my brother and sister enjoyed music in their headphones. My grandma was the happiest person among the lot as she was laughing full heartedly and enjoying the scenic views from the van.


We reach May fair Hotel on time. It is one of the best hotels in the town as it has range of facilities such as water filtration system along with hot water facility. Our room had a huge tv, dvd player along with air conditioning. I felt quite fortunate as our whole family was enjoying their stay in such a luxurious hotel.


We had booked 3 rooms for our family. My grandma and grandpa were staying in one while my brother and sister were staying in another. The view from the Hotel window panes was majestic. I checked out a list of facilities offered by the hotel. Since, it was early afternoon, so we all group ourselves in one room and ordered lunch for everyone.


Since, my brother is quite foodie, so we ordered separately for him. The hotel staff bought the lunch on time and we ate while speaking to each other. My grandpa was discussing about river cruising in Kinabatangan. It is said that Kinabatangan River is one of the longest flowing rivers in the region. My grandma was against the idea of river cruising as she wanted to spend time at Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. She is a great nature lover and prefers to spend time with natural species. We all agreed with her and decided to venture later with river cruising.


The monkey sanctuary was great as it was built in the middle of mangrove forest. The sighting of the monkeys from the wooden balcony was great as it seemed that we coexisted with these species. We also saw hornbills and journeyed our way towards Labuk Bay.


Later, we decided to venture into Gomang tomb Caves. The cave boasts several species of swiftlets. There were nest all around along with bamboo poles and ladder. We clicked several photographs over there and assembled ourselves outside the cave premises for quick adventure of river cruising. The river cruising adventure involves various regions of mangrove swamps. My grandma didn’t like the swamp area as they were typically inhabitable for humans. But, the natural habitat boasted vivid species swarming the entire place along with natural vegetation situated few kilometers away from it. It was one of the best cruising experience in Sandakan.

THE Fabulous Putra Jaya

PutraJaya is termed as the federal capital of Malaysia. It has various administrative offices along with historic buildings. I prefer Putra Jaya in terms of its magnificent botanical garden and fabulous hotels. I have been to Kuala Lumpur before but I wanted to travel to Putra Jaya in Malaysia. It is said to be a planned city in terms of construction of building, parks and mosques. I booked my flight ticket online and reserved my hotel and transportation resources.


My flight from Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India was scheduled to land in Kuala Lumpur at 10 AM in the morning. As planned, on the day of my journey, I went to the international airport in Ahmadabad. The services available in the airport were great as it was renovated recently.



I checked in my luggage with the respective airline counter and went straight to the boarding gate. I saw that all the passengers were waiting for their boarding call. I asked the airline staff about the timing for takeoff. She assured me that it would take more than 20 minutes. In the mean time, I quickly bought a magazine and started reading it.



The journey to Kuala Lumpur was smooth as there were no huddles in between. Upon reaching Kuala Lumpur, I opted for a rental car where previously I order car rentals in Malaysia and drove it straight to Putra Jaya. It is known famously for its Putra Mosque along with Millennium Monument. I planned to tour both of them. Since, I wasn’t tired from air travel so I decided to visit the Millennium Monument first.


I was astonished to see the archeological marvel of the monument as the monument has a pillar with a height of 68 meters. There were several visitors in the walkway as it is quite tall. The shape of the monument is extraordinary as it is shaped in form of hibiscus. It really felt great.